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Ho ho ho, man.

chocolate_chip! muzivitch! akaibara! I got your cards! ♥ Thank you so much. ;________; I sparkle like a penguin covered in glitter. AND THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO, immortality. ♥ Fai pines like a pining thing for Kuro-pin.

To celebrate and to do something for 30_kisses before I lose my pairing, I have written fic.

Title: The Eternal Struggle
Author/Artist: Penguin
Pairing: Sanada x Yukimura
Fandom: Tenipuri
Theme: 3. ユル!, jolt!
Disclaimer: The characters in this fic are copyright, trademark, reserved, and so on by Konomi Takeshi.

The lights flickered in the clubroom. Yukimura glanced up--upon detecting no immediate cause for concern, he shook his head and continued with his paperwork.

A few moments later, the flickering returned, accompanied by a loud thump from overhead. Yukimura rose an eyebrow, not even bothering to look up.

"Renji, is he up there again?"

Yanagi listened for a moment, thoughtfully. A string of incoherent curses, finished off with a "tarundoru," confirmed their suspicions. Yukimura let out an explosive sigh and rose from his desk. As he passed Yanagi, he handed him off a sheet of paper.

"I made a list for the proposed lineup for the next match; check it twice." Yukimura shrugged on his jacket and swept out of the clubroom door. "I have to see if Genichirou belongs on the 'nice' list or not."

"Aye aye, captain," Yanagi called after him. He took a deep drink of eggnog, and let out a brief, hiccupping giggle. "Gen-ichi-rou's in trou-ble..."

Yukimura surveyed the premises--seeing a group of gawking regulars staring up at the roof, he made the logical conclusion.

"He's up there battling the Christmas lights again, isn't he?" he sighed, crunching up to Yagyuu in the snow. "Unless it's another spy from one of our rivals."

Yagyuu shook his head. "No, our espionaging guest is still being interrogated in the underground base. Genichirou took his earlier defeat by the decorations rather hard, and is currently involved in a rematch..."

"At first I thought it was Santa," Kirihara added.

"Back, foul beast!--ARRRRGGHHH!" a voice from the rooftop cried.

"I'd better get up there before things get ugly..." Yukimura murmured.

He clapped his gloved hands together; once, twice. Yagyuu and Kirihara sprang to attention and crouched down in front of Yukimura. Yukimura backed up a few steps, judging the distance; then took a running leap, vaulting off of his two teammates' backs. He gracefully flipped in mid-air, making a neat landing on the roof. Applause and cheering rumbled from the ground below.

Yukimura smoothed his clothing and glanced about--he didn't have to search much to find Sanada, upside-down and bound head-to-toe with colorful lights as he was. A battlefield of dented reindeer decorations and beheaded elves, tangled all with the same lights, contributed to the scene of carnage. Sanada blinked at Yukimura blearily.

"Did we get angel decorations all of a sudden?" he mumbled, confused.

Yukimura rolled his eyes.

"Save the pickup lines, Genichirou. How did you get yourself tangled like that?"

Sanada pondered this a moment, lazily twirling around in his colorful suspended cocoon. A jolt of electricity zapped out of the neck of a nearby decapitated elf.

"Don't quite know."

Yukimura bent down to cup Sanada's cheek. "Would you like me to help you out so you can come inside and warm up? Renji has eggnog that I'm sure he'd love to share with you."

"You don't know me!" Yanagi's voice called from inside the clubroom.

Sanada twitched violently. "But--the--decorations--mocking me--"

Yukimura hushed him with a kiss. It was an argument that Sanada could not refute. As Yukimura untangled and tugged at the lights, Niou called to him from the ground.

"The interrogation isn't going as planned, captain! He ain't talkin'!" Niou tugged a fast-asleep--and by all visible evidence, near-comatose--Jirou behind him. "What's Plan B?"

Yukimura tapped his fingers against his chin. "Hmm." He cupped his hands to his mouth, and called: "Bunta! It's snowing cake!"

A pink blur burst out of the clubroom, heaving huge breaths. Jirou jolted awake and flew at lightspeed to attach himself to Marui's leg.


"IT'S ON MY LEG!" Marui howled.

Yanagi burst out of the clubroom wearing a lopsided Santa hat and holding a carton of eggnog. He gave a hiccup and a grin.

"My data tells me it's time for Christmas carols! Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen; when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even..."

The rest of the team joined in chorus, in perfect harmony. Yukimura smiled.

"I knew those singing lessons would come in handy. Right, Genichirou?"

"Yes, Seiichi," Sanada replied obediently. Yukimura patted his head.

"Very good. You'll get off of the 'naughty' list yet."

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