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Ranting! Pimping! And then, my drabble request doom.

I begin this post with a list of reasons why the Piffle Arc in Tsubasa can fellate my imaginary penis:

- It's boring as hell.
- It's long as hell, with little in the way of character development or plot shockers to justify its length. It's longer than both Outo and Sharano/Shurano, each of which were more important plot- and character-wise. And more interesting.
- Car racing sucks and is boring. Unless it's with Hot Wheels on one of those really special plastic tracks with stuff like a giant dinosaur that chomps on your cars as they pass--um, I'll stop there.
- The race could have been greatly improved with the addition of giant dinosaurs. Or maybe giant penguins.
- MARKED LACK OF SEI-CHAN. They make a point of showing that the other racers are all main characters from the past worlds they've encountered. Yet no Sei-chan! RAR EET HEDS. Though, I figure that Piffle!Sei-chan was too busy having sex with Piffle!Subaru to give a crap about some lame race.

...alright, fine, fine, I'll post its few good points, too:

- Lots of Nokoru.
- Lots of Nokoru's smoooooooooth skillz wit da laydeeeeeeeeeez.
- Lots of Nokoru getting drunk off his ass and passing out in Suoh's lap. And by "lots," I mean "one panel," but damn that was funny.
- Lots of Tomoyo going "ZOMG flowers and wings and LACE!!!!11!!!!" over Sakura.

All in all, this arc was a big waste of nineteen very very long chapters that could have been better spent documenting Piffle!Sei-chan having sex with Piffle!Subaru. (Or maybe it could have focused on the wacky adventures of Tomoyo and Nokoru...god, that is a genius matchup.) Have scanlations started on the next arc yet? All I know about that one is that it has baby Kurogane in it, and that's an extra twenty good points right off the bat.

In related news, the Tsubasa anime still blows goats. That's like saying that water is wet at this point, though.

In non-ranting news, I must pimp a very special RP: crackacademy! It's a multi-anime-fandom RPG, and is accepting submissions until the 31st. It's got Yuuko as the headmistress of a boarding school! Fai as a teacher in charge of the welfare and mental development of small children! Seishirou as a teacher with an eye on student!Subaru...a sexy eye. And plenty of other people that I don't feel like making up catchy tag-lines for. I play Fai! ♥ And I'm overly proud of his icons so far. I am slowly becoming less of a n00b at icon-making!

I go back to college this Sunday. Sigh. No more sleeping in until noon and watching cartoons all day. My pictures from the zoo internship should be developed soon, though--turns out I need them for a presentation, too, which oh god why don't people tell me sooner about these things?! Mrgh.

While I twiddle my thumbs and wait for the pictures to come back...hell. I haven't done drabble requests in a while! Mainly cause I'm terrible about getting them done in the first place, eheh. But, being that one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more organized/procrastinate less, this shall be a good exercise. Give me a character/pairing and a prompt, and I'll see what horrors I can twist it into!
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